There is no way that I could have done the project on my own, I've had quite a bit of help along the way. Below I would like to give credit to the people and places that have assisted me on this project

National Archives
Special thanks goes out to the National Archives and the wonderful people they have working there. They were extreamly helpful in gathering pictures and video footage for the film.

The Veterans
The men listed below contributed information from their peronal collections. Many had huge scrapbooks and journals full of memorabilia that they had collected during the war.  I really appreciate the sharing of all of these resources.  These contributions to “DIVE” were extremely helpful in the making of the film. 


Bob Oswald
Bob "Steamboat" Fulton
Gordon Kimble
Ed Dolinar
Rufus Roark
Gerald Bringle
James Law
Bill Coffey


Last I would like to thank all of the Veterans that made this film possible by donating their time and allowing me to record their stories. Every Veteran that I interviewed was great and I had an incredible time with each of you. Thanks so much for your service to our country and for your efforts and sacrifices. God bless.

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